Chorale Members | American Chamber Chorale

The American Chamber Chorale is an auditioned ensemble comprised of experienced singers from diverse backgrounds who are united by a love of great music. From music educators to computer programmers, students to retired CEOs, members of the Chorale invest time, talent and finances to provide St. Louis audiences with the opportunity to hear music of substance.

The following is a list of our current members.

George Albertus
Beth Ashby
Stephanie Beinhorn
Peter Billing
Sharifa Black
Dick Brickson
Donna Campbell
Larry Charpiot
Harvey Chiles
Erin Clevenger
Joseph Cook
Olivia Cross
Eve Diel
Steve Doll
Dan Fry
Heather Houston
Linda Johnson
Bruce Moeller
Cindy Moeller
Laurie Moore
Kimberly Morrison
Katie Mueller
Catherine Nosacka
Jennifer O’Leary
Marty Renner-Hughes
Shawn Rimerman
Rachel Robison
Kayla Schieffer
Emily Scott
Claire Seely
Rebecca Siefert
Christopher Stanfill
Emily Streeper
Andrew Thomas
David Varner
Eric Williams
Jiabao Zhang

The American Chamber Chorale is always open to new members.  Prospective members are invited to visit a rehearsal where they receive music and asked to participate fully in the rehearsal.  An audition may be scheduled after at least one visit.

New members will find that the Chorale is musically accomplished and very welcoming.  We take music seriously and work hard, but rehearsals are also intended to be fun.  Many of the singers choose to gather at local watering holes following rehearsals to socialize and unwind.  Participation in the Chorale is both musically fulfilling and a great way to make new friends.

If you would like to speak with someone about joining the Chorale, you are encouraged to call our office at (314) 638-0793 or contact us through this website.  We look forward to hearing from you.